Lady Gaga: What I Am As Gaga Is What Other People Think Gaga Is


Her ARTPOP could mean anything.

Gaga opened up to Jamie Lee Curtis in a new sit-down interview for the fourth season of Variety and PBS’ “Actors on Actors” series where she described her idea of who or what Lady Gaga is, and how people perceive that.

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“What I am as Gaga really is, at this moment, what other people think Gaga is. It’s not necessarily what I am entirely,” she said. “Even if I feel like Gaga, meaning this stronger individual person of myself that I discovered being young in New York, loving music, meeting with young artists, working with musicians, with writers, studying this scene and being involved in the lifestyle.”

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“It is a bit of a creation, but I think actually, at this point now, it’s other people that have created, through what I have made, their perception of what Gaga is as a separate entity from me,” she continued.

“What I am at any given moment is some sort of amalgamation of myself Stephanie, the young Italian-American girl from New York that’s an actress and a songwriter and a rebel. Another part of me is what I’m creatively interested in at the time with music and how that culture and lifestyle and the art that arose out of that is influencing me as I’m sort of reading it and writing music,” said Gaga.


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