Lady Gaga Talks New Album

"I want the fans to be surprised," she says. "But I will just tell you that it's a wonderful, soul-searching experience. And it's very unlike the last album in that way. I made that album on the road. Artpop was, you know, the acid-making record. And this record is like my old self as a cadaver. And I'm just, I'm operating on my old self."

Not entirely sure what she means by using her old self as a cadaver, but it seems like a return to basics with a new twist is in store, and I am emphatically here for that.

Gaga's always had solid instincts and the ability to write a killer hook, so maybe being a full-time Jazz starlet will prove more inspirational than the back of a tour bus.

2015 is shaping up to be a big one people! Who's new music are YOU most excited to hear?