Lady Gaga Reportedly Promises A SFW Super Bowl Performance To The NFL

A source claims Gaga's team will tape her outfits onto her to ensure there are no wardrobe malfunctions.

Mother Monster is tapped to headline the Super Bowl halftime show next month, and she's assuring NFL execs her performance won't have any funny business a la Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake.

The NYDailyNews reports Gaga is even being asked to trade out her signature Joanne denim short shorts for something with more coverage.

A supposed well placed friend of the singer's style team tells them: "Gaga is keen to make her half time show one of the greatest ever, and is planning on pulling out all the stops. However there was some concern from executives about her famous racy stage-wear given some of her past outfits - including being even nude at times."

"They do not want any repeat of Nipplegate or any controversies. So Gaga has assured them that she will keep everything tucked in and covered, with her style team planning a toupe tape fest to keep her clothes glued to her body,” they continued.

"Even her famous denim shorts, which she wore on he recent dive bar tour are out as they show her ass cheeks. But her style team is already working on rehearsals for costume changes to get it right."

"We are told it is this is the most concerned bosses have been since Janet's Nipplegate."

If execs are so concerned, perhaps they should have swung by her recent jazz standards show in Las Vegas; the costumes consisted of floor-length ballgowns.

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