Lady Gaga Possibly Rejected This Costume For Her Super Bowl Performance

The jewel encrusted metal corset is out.

The NFL is reportedly worried Lady Gaga might rock outfits too hot for TV during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl in Houston, TX next month.

"They do not want any repeat of Nipplegate or any controversies. So Gaga has assured them that she will keep everything tucked in and covered, with her style team planning a toupe tape fest to keep her clothes glued to her body,” a source said. "Even her famous denim shorts, which she wore on he recent dive bar tour are out as they show her ass cheeks. But her style team is already working on rehearsals for costume changes to get it right."

One outfit they won't have to stress over? A one-of-a-kind body forming metal corset drenched in crystals.

Designer Perry Meek, who's dreamed up costumes for Haus of Gaga since 2009, posted it on Instagram and revealed it was rejected. He never specifies whether it was meant for Lady Gaga, but Little Monsters firmly believe she's the subject in question.

"this was a 'B' option for someone , the 'A' option coming soon to a TV near you," he wrote.

this was a "B" option for someone , the "A" option coming soon to a TV near you.

A photo posted by Perry Meek (@aussiegear) on

It's not Earth shattering news, but it does give a little insight into Gaga's performance. Since we literally know nothing.

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