Lady Gaga Performed A Surprise Jazz Show At CES


“I got a gig at CES singing for a bunch of tech nerds.”

Gaga cracked a joke in between singing songs like “Bang Bang,” “La Vie En Rose,” “New York, New York,” and Paul McCartney’s “Coquette” at a private Consumer Electronics Show (CES) party in Las Vegas Thursday night. Her hour-long set featured the Brian Newman Quartet.

Earlier this week, a mysterious collaboration between Gaga and Intel claimed she would “showcase technology through creativity at the highest level.”

We now know her involvement is a new initiative called Hack Harassment that will “provide safer, more inclusive online experiences,” reports CNN Money. Hence her appearance at an electronics convention.

“Online harassment is pervasive and can be vicious,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in a statement. “We need to remember that behind every device, game, sensor or network is a real person with real feelings and real needs for safety.”

Watch her performances below:

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