Lady Gaga Claps Back At Twitter User Making Madonna Comparison


Lady Gaga can handle the heat, but one thing she won't stand for is knocking her originality.

Mother Monster has a bite to her this week! After putting The Chainsmokers in their place for saying "Perfect Illusion" sucks, Gaga hopped back on Twitter to give her new Joanne buzz track a push by dragging a Madonna fan, all for art. You see, "A-Yo" is about kicking ass, taking names, and not putting up with someone's bullshit. "Can't wait to get you shook up," she sings on the track. "Faster than you can try to hate it / You can try to fake it / But baby, I laced it."

We need to talk about Lady Gaga's new album 'Joanne'

And now for the one-two punch.

@jonnyharlot claimed Gaga is ripping off Madonna, a fan-fueled feud that's roared since The Fame era. Because God forbid two women in music stand up for themselves and humanity via reinvention.

"I love #ayo it's very Madonna from her album Music. ☺ Keep copying the Queen Of Pop Gaga :)," they wrote.

Gaga responded: "why don't you go tell yourself a bedtime story"


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