Lady Gaga And Diane Warren’s “Til It Happens To You” Submitted For Emmy Nomination


Lady Gaga is a Grammy and Golden Globe award winning, Oscar nominated artist, and she could add another prestigious award to her expanding list: an Emmy.

Gaga's powerful ballad with Diane Warren, "Til It Happens to You," kept the pop star's name in the press for all the right reasons last year. When she wasn't starring as a lead character in American Horror Story as The Countess, Gaga was an ally in eliminating rape crisis on college campuses. She openly spoke about her dark past in terms of sexual abuse she endured in the music industry, becoming an advocate for women and men to bravely step forward to share their stories.

“I went through some horrific things," Gaga said earlier this year. "I’m able to laugh now because I’ve gone through a lot of mental, physical and emotional therapy to heal over the years.” She added she was a shell of her former self years later after reflecting. “It happens every day and it’s really scary and sad,” Gaga continued. “It didn’t affect me as much right after as it did about four or five years later.” Her reason for not calling out her attacker? “I wasn’t even willing to admit that anything had even happened. I don’t want to be defined by it."

Her bravery could be awarded once more, as new reports claim the song was formally submitted for an Emmy in the 'Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics' category.

That's huge!

Gaga is currently working on a new jazz record with Tony Bennett as well as her fifth pop record out later this year or early next.

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