The Ladies Of Fifth Harmony Removed Any Mention of the Group Off Their Social Media

Fifth Harmony

  • Nico

    They are probably the most resentful famous young women I know so far…..
    Not even the Spice Girls, the biggest female group EVER (shut up DC!!), lasted that long. Learn your lesson.

  • Marc

    There goes the #ApplePie rumours lol

    • Jay Alford

      ….or does it….

      • Marc

        Larry: “it just didn’t work” lol

  • Jay Alford

    Perhaps it just means a new album is on the way and want to start fresh? Geez, I hope they don’t break up this soon…

  • @brocklovesgreys

    It would be a shame. Their most recent album is by far their best work yet, and Camila’s vocals out of the mix make for a much more unified, pleasant sound. I refuse to believe this!


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