Kylie Minogue’s New Song “Dancing” Already Leaked, And It’s Rumored The Entire Album Will Too


  • Joel

    I sure hope Golden does not leak, because Kylie has been working hard on this album. After the disappointment of Kiss Me Once she needs this release to be successful! Seems like BMG is not a secure place to be signed; this is the same thing that happened to Fergie, so I’m hoping Kylie doesn’t suffer the same fate that Fergie has.

    • Rohan Randall

      you are assuming the leak is not orchestrated marketing!

      • Joel

        I don’t know any record label who would deliberately leak material. This is the same thing that happened with Fergie, and it’s messy AF.

  • I would really like to see her label or anyone else with a say in the rollout to get a limited set of physical singles out there or to only release it in one country to get all the sales pressure on that one country to get her a number one there and then the buzz would be enough to make it contagious, and the rest of the brand will be rewarded over time.

  • Diego Bueno

    Dancing is amazing, a real BOP, and I really don’t think that a leak is going to have a great impact, Kylie is established, her fan base will follow this era the same as madonna’s fans followed Rebel heart.

  • Nico

    Omg! A new song! New photoshoot! Even a new “Kylie” logo!! I am EXCITED!


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