Kylie Minogue’s “Dancing” Gets Remixed Into Something Suitable For… Dancing

Kylie Minogue

  • Jakob84

    U only plug her stuff because it’s gay related .. but that’s what her music is these days , s— !! Better Aussie acts then that thing .. u should have gotten behind Jessica Mauboy.. running back feat flo rida had billboard 100 all over it 😄😄 #britneysnumber1Aussiefan

    • Jordan

      She’s also a legendary pop star #fact

      • Jakob84

        Who can’t even get one hit from several eras .. embarrassing 🙈

  • Quincy G

    I’m having a hard time adjusting to a country themed album from Kylie, so any remixes are greatly appreciated lol I’ll rather listen to the Initial Talk remix over the original any day! Love it!


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