Kylie and Giorgio Tease Video for “Right Here, Right Now”

The clip is infuriatingly brief, clocking in at a meagre 15 seconds, but it does showcase Kylie's unparalleled ability to still look absolutely stunning at 46. Featuring a lot of wind-machine action and euphoric arm stroking, there's nothing to immediately indicate that this will be different from Mini's usual brand of glamorous but ultimately uneventful music videos. That coupled with the ubiquitous DJ-with-headphones shot of Giorgio in the background (because of course) it would seem that we won't be getting anything too groundbreaking from the power pair for this visual.

Don't panic though - if you've managed to resist the urge to listen to leak, the track itself is much better than this snippet would indicate, so let's hope the video follows suit.

What are YOU hoping for from this video?