Kesha Has Recorded More Than 70 Songs, Could Release One Soon

"I just want you to know I'm fighting every f--ing day to bring you new music."

Kesha's stuck in musical limbo because of her ongoing lawsuit with Dr. Luke. Basically, she's desperately trying to dissolve her recording contract with the producer because she alleges he raped her and he denies it. So far, Kesha hasn't had much luck convincing the courts to free her from Dr. Luke's grasp, and thus she must record three more studio albums before she's rid of him.

While it's unclear how Kesha plans on releasing new music, she does have it. She's reportedly teamed up with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, producer Ricky Reed, songwriter Justin Tranter, the Eagles of Death Metal, Macklemore and Beyonce's producer Boots.

In fact, Kesha has over 70 songs recorded. During her show at LSU's annual free spring concert in Louisiana last week, the singer briefly explained her situation. "The reason I haven't put out music in so long is because I have a lawsuit from hell, and I just want you to know I'm fighting every f--ing day to bring you new music," she said. "I have about 74 songs done. I've had a lot to talk about. And I just want to thank you for being here tonight."

"What I cannot do is play you my new songs," she explained. "I think the person who kept me from putting out music, I think they expected me to lie down and take it. Shut up and disappear. ... And I'm just here to say that person f--ed with the wrong ... person. ... This song, it feels like the words were taken right out of my mouth, and it's called, 'You Don't Own Me.'"

In a twist of events, Kesha hinted at releasing new music. She posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday with the word "soon....!!!!" Your move, Kesha.


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