Kerli Unleashes Her Inner-Gaga In The “Diamond Hard” Video


Estonian singer-songwriter Kerli directed and stars in her new music video for "Diamond Hard," an audiovisual story about true strength and resilience.

"This is the first release for which I both produced the music and directed the video on my own, marking an important milestone in my journey as an artist," she said.

The video shows Kerli drenched in oversized diamonds, wearing Bowser-inspired spikes on her back and manipulating the wind in a flowy scarlet gown in front of a cross.

Think Madonna's "Frozen" meets Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," and we're lucky to have it.

“I was kind of debating if I even wanted to release it to the world,” Kerli tells PopCrush of her independent music. “I went and lived in this little shed in the forest and I made this art, and I was training myself to really have it be all about expression. If no one else would hear it, what would I do?”

She adds: “For me, when I’m in the studio, when I’m creating or sewing my outfits, this is what I do. All the other things are what I have to do so people can see it. I do promotion because I want to do art. I don’t do the art because I want to be famous.”


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