Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece By Piece” Photog Defends Her Album Cover

"New work for @kellyclarkson for her album cover! 2 things: this effect was all done in camera. No post work whatsoever. Secondly, wait til you see it printed. It will be on shiny, holographic paper and will look 100x cooler."

Clarkson also defended the cover a few days ago, telling haters to stuff it. Essentially.

I love the cover's an actual photo that doesn't rely on retouching or digital manipulation (allegedly). It's beyond typical for a popstar to slap on a glamor shot to their music because of ~brand recognition~ and call it a day. And if you don't agree, Kelly Clarkson will tell you to suck it (an honor). Here's the Deluxe version:


Do you like Kelly's album cover?