Kelly Clarkson Slays “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman

It's interesting to hear Kelly sing the blues again, because realistically we haven't seen this side of her since Idol and it's a damn good side to see. Her voice suits the genre to a tee and she pulled the performance off effortlessly.

With the arguable dip in Kelly's output recently, a change in genres may not be the worst idea. There is a sense that she's become disinterested in pop which could account for the lacklustre effort that was 'Piece by Piece'. Although I'd much rather hear Kelly-pop-magic in the vein of 'All I Ever Wanted' again, if her preference is for blues (or country, as has been much hinted at), an album with her full commitment and enthusiasm would be preferable to a repeat of her latest studio endeavour.

What do YOU want to hear Kelly sing next?