Kelly Clarkson Shares Eight New Song Titles + Lyrics

Kelly wrote on her website:

Hey guys,

My new album Piece by Piece is coming out in March and I wanted to give y'all a little sneak peek into it by sharing some of the lyrics from the songs. Each of these lyrics relates to an experience in my life, and I hope that some of these may trigger memories or reactions for y'all as well. If it does, I would love to hear about it and why that lyric connected with you. I'll be checking in and reading your stories, and I might even reach out to you personally to hear more!

Can't wait to hear from y'all!

Take You High
When your angels fall out of the sky / I’ll be the wings that make your fly

Someone whose arms will hold you tight enough to be the reason you breathe

Now I am invincible / No I ain’t a scared little girl no more

Piece By Piece
Piece by piece I fell far from the tree / I will never leave her like you left me

War Paint
We could be beautiful without war paint, our war paint

Let Your Tears Fall
Tell me all your secrets / Tell me your fears / I won’t push you away / I’ll only pull you near

Dance With Me
And when the music starts and the lights go down we will all be found

I Had A Dream
Remember that the footprints you’re leaving will tell us all who you really are

BRB screaming. Crying.