Kelly Clarkson Covers Sia’s “Chandelier”


Kelly Clarkson proves why she's the queen of covers by belting out Sia's "Chandelier" wearing the blonde bob wig.

I can't sing, but if I could... I imagine cover a song by Sia would be an incredibly challenging undertaking. Kelly Clarkson, however, is no ordinary singer. She's extraordinary, and has the vocal chops to easily power through "Chandelier."

“She’s one of my favorites so I thought I’d wear a wig and be Sia,” Clarkson said before jumping into an a cappella rendition of it.

Afterward, Clarkson realized Sia was onto something, “I don’t know how she does this, because, you know, she can’t see. But it’s also kind of awesome because you’re in your own little world when you’re performing!”


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