Katy Perry Tricked An American Idol Contestant Into Giving Up His First Kiss To Her, And He’s Legit Bummed About It


  • sexnando

    i was starting to like her again. mess.

    EDIT: OMG he got Casting Couched and didn’t even make it to the next level. that’s mean.

  • Marc

    1. That is absolutely horrible and disgusting. First she openly flirts with a taken guy, and now this? AND her co-judges cheer her on for it? If it were a dude, they would get kicked off the show and probably have their career ruined from future tv/movies. But, she get a free pass because she’s her??
    2. She flat out violated the guy. He clearly and vocally said he needs to be in a committed relationship for that, but he agreed to a kiss on the cheek, which means she went AGAINST his CHOICE (not everyone hoes around like her).
    3. ABC uploaded that clip with that as the thumbnail, which means they love it. They’ll get the views/clicks/comments, which means $$$ for them. Instead of firing Katy, they promote her antics and get money from it, while people suffer the consequences. Shows you how corrupt and ironic the industry is.
    4. I feel sorry for him. HER of all people?

  • Michel

    Enough with the Katy hate on this site. What did she do to you? I don’t get why you’ve been coming so hard for her lately.

    • Leo Lane

      She’s a sexual predator. She speaks about feminism and does this sort of thing. If it were a man doing the same thing, the public would lose their shit. I’m sick of her stupidity and double standards.

  • wastedideas

    Gotta love those feminist double standards….


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