Katy Perry Is Tired Of Being Katy Perry: “I’m preparing to do a big soul overhaul”


  • Jordan

    Same, Katy.

    • EDP

      Same? Same what?

      • Jordan

        I’m tired of being Katy Perry. Or me. I’m still unsure 😆

        • Leo Lane

          Must be really tiring to douche as a chronic power bottom

          • Jordan


  • Michel

    Love this, she seems like she is well on the way to getting her life in order

  • Leo Lane

    Well I’m tired of hearing about that low-IQ bimbo, so there’s that. Finally she will do us a favour.

  • singletear

    Everyone else was tired of Katy Perry and as it turns out even Katy Perry was tired of Katy Perry.

  • Anthony Lopez

    So you agree? You think you’re annoying.


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