Katy Perry Is Reportedly Planning A Comeback

Katy Perry

  • Joel

    Witness held promise, but the gimmicks ruined the album for me. She became a mockery of her own self. I didn’t mind the blonde hair, but once she went Miley with its length it was a turnoff for me. I’d love for her to take some time, do one season of Idol and then come back with an album worthy of the attention.

  • Isobel R

    Just release good, original music, its very simple.

  • Nico

    I think she needs to stay away from those moody and melancholic songs that she has always filled all her albums with, especially on the last record. We already have a bunch of those. And probably another weak spot on her is that tends to be all over the place… Maybe she should not be afraid to stick to a few topics per era and exploit that, instead of trying to change society’s way of thinking on four huge subjects, be political but also a fashionista, make people dance, and save the world.

  • ShellBell

    Maybe if she stops complaining about people then makes out it’s a joke when she’s called out over it.

  • R L.

    you cant compare 840k worldwide sales with Prism’s and TD’s US-only sales.


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