Katy Perry is Getting Flak For Saying She Starts Trends, Not Follows Them

Katy Perry

  • Nico

    Oh come on, what a sensationalist article! You end up defending her or at least trying to calm the waters in the end, but it’s not a big deal either and the title does nothing but to blow things out of proportion. If anyone watches the video of her explaining her style evolution over the years and actually listens with an open heart, there’s no way they can’t agree that she’s talking about premeditated intentions, and of course she’s been a trendsetter more than once in so many years and under such heavy competition, so we should give her that. She’s definitely an assertive and hard working woman, so wearing candy and the color pink once in a while doesn’t make her any less of a creative soul. Any doubt? Look at ALL her body of work.

    • aristocrazy

      Omg katycats are so pathetic, she’s a nobody that only used Max Martin and Dr Luke for fame and success, sorry for all of her fans but that’s the true, she would be a regular person without those two producers that had been already around for a long time in the industry when she started it.

      • Greg

        Sorry say what you want about Katy but her style will truly be remembered. That’s a part of her big success. People wanted to live in a fantasy world like her. I give her credits for that.

      • Nico

        I’m not even a katycat! I’m part of the Britney Army since 1998, bitch. But Katy’s talent and passion are undeniable, and she’s been writing her own lyrics and making the world a more fun place since day one, and she has her own place in pop culture now, so of course she’s a trendsetter. No artist can survive so many years with such competition without being original. And Max Martin is way too intelligent and genius to spend years working with someone with no potential or creative drive, so what the eff are we discussing here omg bye.

        • Jordan

          No lies detected ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Jordan

      Stopped reading after “You end up defending her or at least trying to calm the waters in the end” 😂 lol jk

      • Nico

        One word, Jordan: CLICKBAIT.


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