Kate Lomas Drops Dreamy Debut “Let’s Just Be”: BreatheHeavy Premiere


Kate Lomas will go anywhere and do anything on debut single "Let's Just Be."

The rising British pop singer is premiering "Let's Just Be" off her forthcoming EP of the same name with BreatheHeavy today (August 30).

The airy mid-tempo tune produced by Guy Britton is about getting older and reflecting on how different people become as your relationship with them grows apart.

"The song also has a sense of nostalgia for me, how when we were younger our relationships with people were less complex and more carefree," Lomas tells BreatheHeavy. "The dreamy feel to the song reflects looking back on the past and recapturing that carefree, simple mind frame that we used to have."

The video reflects that narrative: Lomas basks in swirling colors, at times staring into the sky and what could have been.

"We wanted to create something simple and dreamy," she said. "We shot lot’s of takes in different locations to capture the idea based around the lyric ‘go everywhere and do everything’."

She adds: "Ideally I’d love for people come away with a feel good sense of euphoria from the track."

Check it out below:

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