Kanye West Attempts To Stage Impromptu Concert


Kanye caused chaos when he randomly announced a live show in New York.

The All Day rapper probably had good intentions at heart, after all his Governor's Ball performance was cancelled due to bad weather. West announced the late night gig on Twitter and fans responded accordingly, by swarming the street surrounding the Webster Hall venue in their thousands:

Fortunately, the crowd remained peaceful and nobody got hurt. Unfortunately, the reaction was so intense, the show had to be cancelled. Bummer. Yeezy's labelmates and buddies took to Twitter to lament with fans:

Kim Kardashian's Snapchat showed footage of Ye allegedly trying to get the Mayor of NYC to shut the entire block down. The crowds proved too powerful and everything was called off by police.

No word on whether there'll be any kind of follow-up show yet, or if that's even possible. This might be a rare instance of an entertainer being too famous to perform.