Kanye West Performs “Wolves” With Sia At #SNL40

The "Imma let you finish" rapper(?) opened his performance with "Jesus Walks" from his album The College Dropout before his trudging through his current single, "Only One." After he got those out of the way, Kanye invited Sia on stage for his new wild single.

His stage is simple with just a few lighting sets surrounding him amidst a sea of black fabric. There's something raw about West's latest work and how he's approaching it. His #SNL40 performance shares several parallels to his production at the Grammys; the clean lines, the use of lighting and the raw message behind it all. He doesn't need a million props to make an impactful performance, and that is why he's still on top despite his brash and abrasive sentiment.

Watch Kanye West perform "Wolves" with Sia below: