Kanye West And Rihanna Have A New Song Coming VERY Soon

Me, Rihanna, 'Ye and Paul [Mc Cartney] got a song about to drop as well... It's gonna drop soon. I heard they shot the video recently. I don't know what the final title is, but I know it's crazy so just be looking out for [it].

Rihanna has collaborated with Kanye many times in the past, including their 2009 hit "Run This Town", and most recently when the rapper remixed her #1 single "Diamonds" back in 2012.

There might not be a snippet or even a song title - and, yes, one-quarter of The Beatles is involved - but the thirst for a new Rihanna album after two dry years is like living on the Sahara desert wrapped in clingfilm. It's hell. But fear not, Rihsus has heard our prayers - and she's about to answer them.


That Rihanna drought just 'bout to let up!