K-Fat Can’t Afford To Live Off $40,000 A Month

Kevin Federline is fat.

But that has nothing to do with this update, just wanted to point that out. OH, and he WOULD be carrying a box of donuts.

According to new reports, Kevin Federline may be forced to move because he cannot afford to live on the $40,000 a month he receives from Britney.

K-Fed has reportedly already spent the $2 million he received from Britney's sold Malibu mansion, and spends $2000 a month on food, $1500 a month on utilities, $2800 a month on a nanny for Sean & Jayden and $3000 a month on bodyguards.

Speaking of tummy tucks Shar Jackson, she also receives a cut from Britney, "as K-Fed pays the household bills for her and his two children with her."

Kevin has a "fully stocked bar, allegedly spending up to $800 a month on top-shelf booze. His five-bedroom home in Tarzana, just north of Los Angeles, also costs a whopping $7500 a month to rent."

Kevin has also allegedly wasted "tens of thousands of dollars" into making his sophomore CD (yes, he had a first).

It is said he will move from Tarzana to the "less expensive area" of Chatsworth.

Image: x17online.com