Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Nostalgic, Triumphant, But Predictable


  • terry

    It was average af.

  • Joel

    The most boring Halftime I have seen in years. Like, why was he allowed back? Halftime shows are meant to be entertaining, not sleep-worthy.

    • Marc

      To be fair, the past few Superbowl halftime shows have been bore fests. The music industry is simply not iconic like it used to be. 20 years from now, looking back… most people will not even remember anything from these past few years lol. Even if it was Britney up there, I’m pretty sure her team would just make them do the mini-POM again with maybe 1 new song if we were lucky lol.

      • Cody James

        Idk about that. Gaga’s has been one of the most compared to JT’s. Her jump off the roof and jump to catch the football to close was iconic. Not to mention the subtle hints of inclusive nature. Other than that Katys, Madonnas, and Brunos were all predictable and bland.

        • Ron Romijn de Snoo

          She didn’t jump, that was pre-recorded.

  • Nico

    Nice review, Jordan, very balanced…
    Side note: I think the lighting of the city with the Prince symbol in purple was really amazing though, heh…..

  • Isobel R

    I wish Madonna had done it again.

    • D Nels

      I wish someone would blow up Madonna’s house

  • Cesar Cesar

    good that happens to you! It was horrible a pathetic scenario, nothing exciting, a dreary sound, a costume garbage, nobody from the real audience was excited only the ones bought, BREATHEHEAVY what happened! They seem to be paid for saying false things and looking good with everyone

  • Vernell Clark

    I thought they did a great job, enjoyed it very much, I had to adjust the sound on my surround sound tho.. but once I did that it was great ..J.T. you still got it dude..I heard you ,I saw you, I felt your performance, and if you only got through to one person you were a success… I got the whole thing and a will be watching it over and over again..Glad you did it, THE-V-DOGG!!


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