Justin Timberlake: “Stop Telling Me I’m Making A Country Album”


  • terry

    Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike the guy anymore than I already do.

    He may not be making a country album but he sure is making a s— one.

  • Nico

    What the….. As if people were thinking that JUST because of the name of the album. What about all those short videos “documenting” the process? They are country AF. And he never mentioned his son’s name in relation to the album before. And the first TWO singles were absolutely futuristic. SO I think he’s either totally confused about the direction of his new record, or we just have to shut up and be patient and wait until eeeeeverything rolls out…..

  • EDP

    His album leaked already. It’s disappointing.

  • Samuel Rossen Diaz Stoyanova

    I love Justin. Im a big fan. But I think he is a bit confused with the direction of the album. He said on the making of the supplies song that it had a country melody. Receipts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtGr3aZoH0U
    lol. And to me almost all the titles of the songs with a few exceptions sound country to me, so Im confused as well lmao. Having said that Im not a huge fan of country myself, so I’m low key glad he said his album isnt country (despite all the promo claiming otherwise) I guess we will have to listen to the full thing to make a proper judgement.

    • Isobel R

      I love that you had the “receipts” hahahaha

  • Isobel R

    I think he should say nothing and let people feel what they want about the new music.


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