Justin Timberlake Sees Sales Surge Following Super Bowl Performance

Justin Timberlake
  • Nico

    OK let Katy breathe.

    • Jordan

      Not a Katy diss 🙂 We all know the Internet came for her when Witness dropped that’s all :p

      • Nico

        Of course it was a diss, don’t Karlie Kloss it. Witness is boring and way too dramatic and that’s why people in general didn’t binge on it, but it was still a good effort and the videos for her first three singles have more than 350 million views EACH, which is absolutely crazy. Thing is, Katy’s career has always been huge in numbers, so whatever she does now will forever be less than expected. There simply won’t be another Teenage Dream era. And that’s OK.

  • Scott Moore

    Why is it so many artist seem to be against making a good, fun, radio friendly pop record?? JT? Taylor? Rihanna? Beyonce? Gaga? Katy? Etc.. It feels like they are all trying to create some new sound. Why not just perfect what they are already great at?? I need some FUN pop music…

  • ᏴᎡᎪℕ ⛓

    stop trying to make fetch happen


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