Justin Timberlake Cooks Up A “Filthy” Music Video And Serves It: Watch


  • terry

    Couldn’t make it to the end. That was pure shit for a JT video.

  • Marc

    Hmm… I’m not feeling this at all :(… the other songs in the album teaser video sounded way better

  • Leo Lane

    Video=amazing. Song=meh. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

  • singletear

    This will be an awesome song for youtube ad, but there’s just not enough there to really hook a person into the entire thing lol.

  • Nico

    Oh my this was so freaking boring….. I honestly made an effort to watch the whole thing.
    The song is typical Justin: except for some great pop gems in “Justified”, he has always made a few emotional but also many, many long-ass boring songs.


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