Justin Bieber Drops “Sorry” Lyric Video

Justin Bieber's "Sorry" receives a second visual ahead of the official video premiere.

Justin Bieber shared his Purpose album track list by sharing graffiti art of the titles from all over the world. A day later, the Biebs dropped a lyric video for one of those cuts, his most recent song titled "Sorry," in similar fashion.

In the new clip, a young woman attempts to write an apology letter, only to give up and wash away her sorries outside in the street. Shout-out to Viner Zach King who makes a brief cameo at the end.

Watch here:

Bieber's "Sorry" is expected to debut in the Top 10 this week.

The lyric video follows the song's dance party premiere last week.

And in other news... the Biebs walked out of an interview one day, then conducts a separate chat with a puppet the next.