Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Team Up On “Stay Together”


A song from Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson's scrapped joint-album project has surfaced.

In 2014, the Biebs reportedly hit up Simpson and asked to work on some new music together. According to Simpson, the two hit it off so well, they ended up recording far more material than expected. The pop stars planned on releasing a joint "smack bang duets (album)" together, but after releasing their first single "Home To Mama," the project was shelved.

"We worked on a lot of music, and that one ['Home to Mama'] we considered to be special," Cody told MTV News last year. "It was a cool opportunity for me to get in and write some great songs, and Justin has some great melodies and everything. We collaborated, but we both thought it was best, since we are both going down different music paths, to come back to [the project] when we are both in more established places."

Lucky for us, one of those ditties hit the net today (July 25). It's an acoustic slow burner titled "Stay Together," a heartbreak ballad about the icky lost feeling after a breakup.

"We worked on a bunch of other songs, but then we decided to put them away, because we both had different directions we wanted to go in," Cody previously said. "Not because we didn’t want to be friends -- I just wanted to truck as much as I can down this way and he wanted to reestablish himself in this world over here, so we didn’t want to release something where people are like, 'Oh, these two kids are just the same.'"

Listen here:

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