Joke’s On You! Ludacris Explains CGI Abs In The “Vitamin D” Video


Ludacris has played around with CGI in his music videos since forever.

The rapper's Eif Rivera-directed video for "Vitamin D" featuring Ty Dolla $ign is no different. In the clip, Luda rocks a pair of plump pecs and chiseled abs. It was clearly CGI, and the Internet had a field day with it. They compared it to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and images of Michael Cera wearing fake muscles in Arrested Development. It also created a ~moment~ on Twitter.

Enough of the WWW didn't catch the obvious joke, so Luda explained it was intentional. If you don't believe him, try explaining the ending of the vid where he wakes up to realize his bulging body wasn't real. Then re-watch "Rollout."

Catch the video then see what he had to say below:

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