JoJo Gracefully Handles Question About Tension Among Fifth Harmony

When they smile in your face, but behind you it ain't well wishes.

JoJo opened for Fifth Harmony on their 7/27 Tour last year before Camila Cabello made her exit. The Mad Love singer was asked in a new interview with MalcolmMusic if she could feel the tension coursing through the group, and without revealing too much... she nodded yes. Her words of wisdom?

"My advice is always just to stay in a spirit of gratitude and to understand how lucky we are to have the opportunity to live our dreams," she said, "and that you just want to keep that perspective in check when you feel a little too excited about yourself.”

Total pro!

This would be an appropriate time to stream her new single, "FAB," which stands for "Fake Ass Bitches." The song features Remy Ma – the timing couldn't be more ironic.

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