JOEY-A – “JUiCE”: BreatheHeavy Premiere


Singer-songwriter and producer, JOEY-A, has plans to release a a couple of songs every month this year. His latest, “JUiCE,” is an '80s-tinged bop that is, as JOEY-A puts it, "sexy enough to make them move, but deep enough to move them." It premieres on BreatheHeavy today (May 5).

There's also a social message attached to it. He hopes to "empower the female, show appreciation, and elevate her as a figure of strength and beauty."

"'JUiCE' is the embodiment of female power and sexuality... There is a misogynistic tone in some music today. We really wanted to steer clear of that and bring something fresh to the scene."

I mentioned to him that some female artists in the industry find it troubling that men write songs portraying what they feel a woman thinks/feels and referenced Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony's recent post on Instagram about it.

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What's your take on that in regards to "JUiCE?"
"I totally resonate with what Lauren is saying here. It would be an honor to write with her in the room given the opportunity. I have the utmost respect for women. I grew up with so many strong female characters that it's impossible not to appreciate what they do and who they are (Italian women are tough, hah!). JUiCE is me saying, 'I can't do what I do without you.'"

As for the song itself... it's a summery jam produced by JOEY-A and Damien Lewis and co-written with Andy Love. "I record all of the instruments and vocals on our records like one of my biggest inspirations, Prince," he said.

Grab a drink and take a listen below:

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