Jermaine Dupri: Ciara Ripped Off Usher’s “U Got It Bad”

Speaking with the Associated Press regarding the "Blurred Lines" copyright infringement drama, Jermaine Dupri said that he understands when one gets inspired by music from the past and casually name dropped Ciara as an example.

Ciara’s new single is a complete rip-off of Usher’s 'U Got It Bad.' I’m clear on what I made and I’m clear on how music influences people and I’m clear on chord changes and how people move things."

JD says that the situation might not be as evident as the "Blurred Lines" scenario, but he thinks the very same thing happened to him. Usher and producer Bryan-Michael Cox apparently all noticed the similarities as well, so JD plans to reach out to Team Cici and ask that he, Cox and Ursh get properly credited.

I do see similarities regarding chord progressions, but this is not the same kind of situation that the Marvin Gaye family battled, so I'm going to have to side with Team Cici.

Check out both songs below!

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