Jennifer Lopez Drops the Video for “Feel The Light”

The video is an underwhelming effort in comparison to how good the song is and how well J Lo pulled off its first live outing. Featuring as much footage of the animated film as it does of Lopez herself, it comes across a touch convoluted and fails to capture the magic of the track.

The central concept is a flight of stairs, leading Jennifer away from a terribly rendered CGI planet earth. The visual hots up when we see a repeat performance of last night's dress-effects, but frankly they were far more interesting live than on film.

Jennifer does look stunning, however, and continues to totally defy all signs of ageing. She's styled well, as ever, and the song still stands as her best effort since 2011's 'Love?' It's a dreamy, soaring ballad that makes the most of Lopez's surprisingly strong vocals.

All in all, I'm not mad about Jenny's video, I'm just gonna keep watching her performance on Idol last nigh, and you should too:

What do YOU think of the MV for "Feel The Light"?