Jean-Paul Channels Britney, Madonna, Lana And Your Other Favorite Pop Titans On New Album ‘Reflections’


  • Anthony Lopez

    I’m happy that this kid is living his best and truest life, but the music is trash. Do we really have to celebrate every gay artist just because they are gay? I mean, we drag straight artists who are obviously terrible. Why should we spare the gay ones? Sigh. There should still be something said for talent, not just serving looks.

  • Brendan Velasquez

    How does this kid get a write up but not me? I been in the game way longer and have put out way more quality content for over 10 years. Can you please give me a shout out for my artistry Jordan? #NewVideo

  • Crgcrrgr

    This is terrible

  • singletear

    To be fair I think there are a lot of good ideas in his songs, but everything is produced horribly arranged horribly and his vocals with those corny lyrics are laughably bad.

  • TASO

    just no…


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