Janine Is Fiercely Strong In The “Don’t Love Me” Music Video

Love can be the most beautifully catastrophic source of power known to man.

The line between impassioned romance and utter hatred is a fine one, and Janine (formerly known as Janine and the Mixtape) walks it in her new music video for "Don't Love Me."

In the Phillip Lopez-directed clip, Janine tells a tale of love gone wrong, and it's inspired from real life circumstances. "A lot of people know what it's like to be in love with someone but have to leave because it is destructive," the Atlantic Records signee tells Billboard. "'Don't Love Me' embraces the moment when it's really over. It's not about having a pity party for the things I've been through but more of a 'You can't mess with me anymore.'"

On the track, the New Zealand-born singer calls out her SO for ruining their relationship. "So you should love someone, just don't love me," she sings over a punchy R&B beat.

She adds: "So many people have suffered from some form and varying degree of abuse, it's our choice whether we choose to let it make us victims," she continues. "The video has pieces of my story shown in a strong, beautiful and raw way."

Watch below:

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