Jamie Lynn Spears Is A Kitchen Knife HBIC

December 31 2014, 8:33 am

Lil sis Jamie Lynn and a gal pal made a late night stop at Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana last week. Girls gotta eat! According to authorities, ish got all Drake vs. Chris Brown up in the restaurant when JLS' friend got clocked with a bottle over her head. Thankfully, Jamie Lynn was able to drag her friend to safety behind the counter and grab a long serrated bread knife to get everyone to simmer their tits. She waved it around in the air and caused the brawl to end. Police were called to the scene.

However, just like any other southern belle, Jamie Lynn's friend did not want to press charges on her attacker, so no one got tossed into the slammer. Peep a photo of the girls before all the drama.

Happy Birthday @brandiblair22 !!! #nofilter

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The dilemma gives a whole new meaning to "Chillin' With You."