James Franco Talks Potential Collaboration With Lana Del Rey

In a feature for V93 appropriately called Shades of Cool, Franco spilled the tea on the potential collabo and admitted that the idea came directly from Lana's head, so you already know it's all about the west coast. But aside from LDR, he said that part of the reason he wants to work on the movie is because it's sort of similar to the 1950's classic SUBSET BLVD and involves a woman and her big ol' house in L.A. "She doesn’t want to go out. She starts to go crazy, and becomes paranoid because she feels like people are watching her," he said. "Even in her own house."

It’s like an awesome B-movie that lives in Lana’s head. It’s about her, and it’s not about her. Just like her music.”

Franco also detailed his infatuation with his self-proclaimed muse by trying to explain what LDR is really all about. “Lana lives in her art, and when she comes down to earth for interviews, it gets messy, because she isn’t made for this earth," he said. "She is made to live in the world she creates. She is one who has been so disappointed by life, she had to create her own world. Just let her live in it.”

Total mindfuck.

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