Jack & Jack And Timbaland Keep The Summer Parties Going In “All Weekend Long”


Vine stars Jack & Jack venture into mainstream music with help from producer Timbaland.

I officially feel like an old fart for having to Google who Jack & Jack was when I noticed their new music video for "All Weekend Long" was a world-wide Trending Topic on Twitter (FYI, their full names are Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky and originally from Omaha, Nebraska, but have since re-located to L.A., because of course). I should have known better; collectively, they reach over 7 million people on Twitter alone.

As I'm watching the visual of the two youngsters galavanting around SoCal and kicking it at a house party, I noticed Timbaland makes a cameo in a golden robe, and suddenly didn't feel as out of touch. Hey, with dope video directors, editing and Timbaland, you, too can have a smash single and video. Thanks Twitter for fucking up my day and second guessing my career choices. Watch here:

Yes, this is the male version of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" video.

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