It Appears Lady Gaga Is Filming A New Music Video

  • Larry Mockler

    polybias monter

  • John Irwin Fabela Palma


  • Camilo Sánchez

    Perfume for sure

  • Chris Kris

    No one cares anymore , her highlight days are over and she is no longer the same. She is just another Britney Spears in the making.

    • Cody James

      Ummm any of her loyal fans? Face it, the world has many faces that have many musical tastes. I didn’t LOVE Lemonade, but I won’t make Beyonce fans ever feel like their model artist is less than mine. No need to knock each other down.

      • Leo Lane

        The problem is that people actually worship these people. It’s okay to listen to their music, but they actually look to them as a god. It’s very depressing to witness.

    • Debbie Bober


    • Sean Massich

      Her highlight days? If you’re going to serve it, at least come with something that makes sense.

      Frankly, I’m excited. She always delivers something memorable.

    • Pablo Ortiz Luna

      I agree, Gaga is for me a one hit wonder (or 2) but one thing is wronge, she never EVER get at the Britney Spears status level. Gaga overuse everything in 2 albums and then was boring.

    • Leo Lane

      I agree, now she’s pulling a Britney and milking her “glory days” for all they are worth, and trying to re-do her past by adding sparkles on her eyes and working with DJ white shadow… even after going completely “american” and “normal” in her last album. Doesn’t feel genuine anymore, just a big push to try to salvage a career. Luckily, all someone has to do is dye their hair blonde and get naked, talk about gay rights and they will have a loyal band of mindless gay followers.


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