Is Iggy Azalea’s Tour About To Be Cancelled?

According to entertainment blog The Wrap, insiders have revealed that all is not well on planet Azalea. The site reports:

Azalea has become disengaged from her core team, one individual with knowledge of the situation said, and will not commit to press opportunities crucial in selling the massive effort.

As a result of this, it's theoretically tour producer AEG Live who are threatening to pull out of the effort, perhaps due to low ticket sales or concerns that Iggy won't be able to perform when she does hit the road.

Of course, this would be devastating for Iggy, who hasn't had the best start to 2015. Amidst seemingly endless rows about cultural appropriation and her place in the hip-hop community, Azalea has quit Instagram and Twitter (both now being controlled by management) after many an online breakdown. Other artists who'd be affected by 'The Great Escape Tour's' cancellation are opening acts Tinashe and Nick Jonas; The Wrap reports that Tinashe's reps declined to comment on the matter.

As well as her upcoming tour, Iggy's also slated to appear on the first cut from Britney's forthcoming 9th studio album - there was no word on how this mess would affect those plans although a lack of support from management may place all future projects in danger.

I don't know, y'all. Whilst it seems likely that all is not well in Camp Iggy, it's hard to imagine that things have declined to the point that the "Fancy" star's entire tour is in jeopardy. Moreover, whilst she may not have been accepted by the rap and hip-hop community in the way she'd undoubtedly have liked, Iggy does have a loyal fan base, so presumably ticket sales for her upcoming North American tour can't be that dismal.

Take this one with a pinch of salt, but we'll be keeping an eye on it as the story unfolds.

Do YOU think Iggy's tour is in danger?