In The Zone Takeover: The B-Sides


"Don't Hang Up" is another sexually-charged track off ITZ because it references Britney's urge to (as she puts it) release. Are we surprised? Nope. Britney co-wrote the track herself along with Josh Shwartz ("Brave New Girl").

I'm not alone
I can still feel you
feel you when I'm lonely, and now I'm coming too


Probably the most free spirited tracks she's ever released (Ok, "Anticipating" gives it a run for its money) is the Bloodshy & Avant-produced "I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)." It was co-written by Michelle Bell and released at a time where Britney was partying, experimenting, getting 55-hour marriages. Why? Because she was having fun.

I'm just a crazy kind of girl
I'll tell it to the world
I've just begun having my fun (yeah)