Hold Up… Beyonce’s Next ‘Lemonade’ Single Could Be “Freedom” Featuring Kendrick Lamar


Beyonce's Kendrick Lamar-assisted song "Freedom" goes into radio rotation today... in Italy.

On her (9...4...8...1) bday, Beyonce cut the "Hold Up" music video from her Lemonade album film and plopped it onto Vevo. It was assumed Bey had her sights set on promoting the Diplo-produced track as the next world-wide release off the No. 1 charting album, but she might have had a different game plan all along.

According to a few Italian music sites, "Freedom" hits their radio waves Sep. 9 (today), which could give other international fans a heads up as to what they can expect to hear in the coming weeks.

Either the "Sorry" singer will promote dual-releases ("Hold Up" in the states and "Freedom" overseas), or we just found out what the next official Lemonade single actually is.

Leave it to Beyonce to switch it up in the eleventh hour.

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