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Hit-Boy: “I’m Bringing My World To Her World”

“I’m bringing my world to her world,” Hit-Boy tells MTV News of his work for Britney.

“Britney is amazing… she’s been around for years and she’s going to continue to do her thing. I want to show people I’m not just a hip-hop producer, I’m not just in the urban world… I’m a music maker in general; I can make quality stuff no matter what it is.”

“She’s really nice and cool, nothing different from working with anyone else. She’s just a really cool person.”

Hit-Boy’s infusing hip-hop with pop and making a new sound for her. So far their just brainstorming, but “it’s coming together.”

As a fan, I think it’s awesome to hear Britney’s working with producers who are hungry and motivated to help take her work to the next level. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.