Hilary Duff Says Taylor Swift’s A Pop Gangster

I saw it at night and I was like, Did I dream that? That’s cute! Aw. It’s really flattering, and it doesn’t even feel real sometimes.

You know, I feel like such a normal person — I AM a normal person. Everyone’s always like, “She’s so normal,” and it sounds funny to actually come out of my mouth. I just am! And so, you know, I’m just really big fans [of them]. I love Lorde and had her record on repeat. And same with Taylor Swift — she’s just a pop gangster, and it’s really flattering!

Who gives a shit Taylor Swift sold the most albums opening week by anyone since 2002 or that she's the first woman to replace herself at number one the Billboard Hot 100. Hilary Duff called her a pop gangster and that is what's most important!

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