Hilary Duff Is Not Releasing Any New Music This Year Please Stop Asking Her

The chances are one in a million.

In case Hilary Duff hasn't made it abundantly clear she's not releasing new music this year, the actress is doubling down. She and her Younger co-star, Sutton Foster, played a game of Giant Jenga on Buzzfeed and answered questions printed on the blocks. New music inquiries are Hilary's Kryptonite, but, like Superman, manages to always come face-to-face with them.

Does the Duff have plans to work on a Breathe In. Breathe Out. followup? "No! I don't. I don't have any plans for new music or tour this year," she said.

Don't lose all hope! She followed up with this: "But there's always next year."

See you on your arena tour in 2018, Hilary! Check out the moment unfold below:

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