Here’s What We Know About Britney Spears’ “Private Show” B9 Track


Britney will take a bow in new pop banger “Private Show.”

On Friday, Britney officially announced the name of her next fragrance titled Private Show, a scent she describes as “really beautiful.”

“I was inspired by… I’ve been going to Hawaii a lot, so I’ve been inspired by soft, really soothing smells and it has a pinch of lavender and stuff,” Britney told E! News. “My mom really loves it and a lot of my girl friends do, too.”

Brit forgot to mention Private Show combines some of her favorite scents of all time: dulce de leche, white florals, and iced coffee. You read that right! The Queen is releasing a perfume that nods to her favorite frappuccino. Aromatically, expect to smell whipped crème coffee, clementine, nectarine, dulce de leche, orange flowers, jasmine, amber and musk.

But Private Show is not an original title – it was named after a new song featured on the singer’s forthcoming album. Britney also told E! how the song came about.

“I had a really, really cool song that I worked with on my album and the girl was amazing. She’s from London. She came in and she’s like a whaler. She has really big vocal chops. I was like ‘let’s do something different’ and do a really, really cool song for the fragrance. It just made sense, and it was called ‘Private Show.’ It clicked.”

The woman Britney is referring is Carla Marie Williams, the co-writer behind the track. Williams also penned “Runnin’,” Beyonce’s recent release with Naughty Boy. She’s previously crafted songs for Girls Aloud and The Saturdays. Williams also confirmed Young Fyre is the track’s producer, though she since deleted that Tweet. Fire has produced songs for Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Rick Ross.


Sounds like single No. 2 is “Private Show.”

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